Optimal Bagging needs your help

Optimal Bagging is a small start-up company that got off the ground at Making Awesome a couple of years ago. Since then, Patrick Bresland (owner of OB) has participated in several contests and has been featured in several publications regarding his patented disposable bag clips and business plans.

Now, Patrick needs our help. On Wednesday, 4/8/2015, Patrick will be presenting in the OneSpark Jacksonville contest and he needs our votes and/or pre-orders. The registration link is here, and the Optimal Bagging project is here. Once you've registered, please vote for Patrick's project, and pre-order if it makes sense for you.

Making Awesome is extremely proud to be a part of helping grow the entrepreneurial community in the Tallahassee area, and we are proud of Patrick and Optimal Bagging. Please help out if you can.