To become a regular member of Making Awesome, you need to do the following:

1. Attend a tour of the space. Tours are offered every Wednesday at 7PM, and on First Fridays.
2. Download and read the current Membership Terms and Conditions.
3. Download, print, complete and sign a Membership Application and Agreement.
4. Drop off your membership application at the space. There is a mailbox labeled "pending membership applications" just inside the big freezer door.
5. Wait for the Board to review and approve your application.
6. Attend an "on-boarding" event at the space. These are usually held the Saturday after First Friday. This event is an orientation to the space, time to sign up for payments, and to receive your access card.

Questions? Drop a line to info (at) makingawesome (dot) org.

Terms and Conditions
Membership Application and Agreement

We've been working on an updated membership agreement and application forms, and they've been posted to the files section of the website. They are available for download and review here and here.