Final push before soft open

As you probably know, we're planning to have a "soft" opening on Friday evening, January 2nd. At that time, we'll be officially open for business and ready to start taking membership applications. There is a short but significant punch list of jobs to be done between now and then. Some folks are working on specific projects. If you're one of those folks, please ignore this general message.

If you have time between now and next Friday, please be in touch or just stop by the space. Find me. I have the list and will find an appropriate job for you.

Please don't come for a visit or a tour this week. We need to concentrate on working and don't have time to show you around before next Friday evening. However, if you show up with food or beverages for the workers, you're always welcome.

Thanks to everyone who have helped with the move, and all the work getting the new space ready.