Cleanup night

The space is doing well but could use a dustoff and cleanup. We're having a cleanup night this evening from 6 to 7PM. Please come if you can. Several of the tasks only require a brief stop and the space (pick up stuff for Goodwill - Take home some sawdust for your garden or scrap wood for your campfire). Here's the task list:

  • Empty the trash and recyclables
  • Sweep the metal shop
  • Empty the dust collection system
  • Sweep the wood shop.
  • Take the leftovers from the classroom to Goodwill
  • Organize the library
  • Weed the scrap lumber rack
  • Straighten and organize the electronics benches
  • Clean and organize the 3d printer area


Thanks to the six members who showed up to help clean and organize, and to Karl for taking the scrap to an appropriate new home.