Board Meeting Report

Board Meeting Synopsis

  • The financial report was not available but will be posted later this week.
  • We welcomed the new lathe to the space (thanks Daniel) and there was a discussion regarding how we can get people trained to use both of the lathes. Dick L agreed to talk to someone who
  • may have an interest in teaching a bowl turning class.
  • There was a discussion regarding a proposal to hire out our bookkeeping. Our current volunteer, Sarah, has graduated and will be leaving Tallahassee as soon as she accepts a job.
  • Maija is working on a CRA grant proposal to do some exterior improvements to our building including:
    • Replacing the big freezer door with standard commercial office doors.
    • Upgrading the outside lighting
    • Replacing the stairs and adding a railing.
    • An exterior sign
    • repainting of the entire building.

    The next steps include getting estimates from contractors.

  • There was discussion on our training policy. Maija will write up a proposed policy for review.
  • We discussed getting additional information from instructors . A short narrative is of help when we make announcements and prepare proposals. This includes “a brief description of the class, estimate of materials costs, number of students you expect to attend, your expectations for the class, and any other information you think we should know about”
  • We need a way to send notifications to members and friends of the space. We will be experimenting with a couple of solutions over the next few weeks but plan to have something in place soon.
  • Dick L. is preparing a budget for a soldering class to be held soon.
  • We have amended our membership procedures to include getting a copy of an ID for new members.
  • Carolyn suggested that we provide a signup sheet at public events in order to add interested people to our mailing list.

The next meeting of the Board is tentatively scheduled for the Wednesday before First Friday, August 5th at 6PM. Board meetings are normally held at the space and open to all members.