Bike to Making Awesome

Making Awesome is signed up for the "Love-to-Ride; Tallahassee Bike Challenge". Please consider joining our team and participating by riding at least 10 minutes sometime during the challenge (Nov. 1st - 30th). You can ride anywhere, or anytime. There are some amazing prizes including a bike donated by local hero's Damn Good Bikes, a trip to New Zealand and more.

Riding your bike to Making Awesome just got a bit easier with the new roundabout and the bike lanes along Railroad Ave, and remember, you don't need to fight for a parking spot.

You can register at

In the spirit of the Bike Challenge, why not build something for your bike at Making Awesome? Here are a few ideas:

Bike parts and bling you can print on the Making Awesome 3d printers: I'm especially fond of the bike vase (

Or, pick a bike project from our friends at Instructables:

Whatever you do, be sure to sign up and ride your bike!