We got a discount!!!! Price drop on 3D printer event.

Thanks to Brad's epic negotiation skills, we have received a discount on the Printrbot kids being ordered for the BYO 3D printer class series. We're passing on the savings with the class now costing a total of $475. Those of you who already paid the higher amount will be getting a $25 credit on Paypal. Remember that registration is limited to the first 15 folks who sign up. To be assured of a place in the class, register ASAP!

Newark Electronics Game with Prizes

This is a timed game with interesting prizes. You're given an electronic part and asked questions about it. The question includes a link to the Newark catalog where you can find many of the answers.


The game, which consists of multiple choice questions pertaining to wider
electronic engineering, as well as more specific component related questions.

Want your own 3D printer?

Coming soon - Build your own 3D printer! Making Awesome is scheduling a 4 weekend workshop where each participant will build, calibrate and learn to use their own 3D printer. The workshop will take place at Making Awesome on Saturday mornings. At the end of the event, you'll go home with a working printer that you assembled yourself. Dates and pricing will be announced shortly.


As some of you know, we have a continuing problem with the Post Office forgetting to deliver our mail. We've got a brand new mailbox, post and bag of cement sitting next to the server room door. We need a volunteer to dig a post hole and install the mailbox. Help?

Membership Updates

Something new at Making Awesome. Every week, during our Wednesday Open House, we'll be having a short meeting around 8PM. We'll do updates, share what each person there is working on, maybe have a short presentation on an interesting topic, and then vote on where people want to go after the event for a snack or a beer or something. This was Greg's idea and I think it's worth trying.

How to fix a "clogged" Makerbot SmartExtruder (5th Gen)

We've had the Makerbot 5th gen in our makerspace for about 6 weeks now, and we are about to receive our third "Smart Extruder" from MBI. After about two weeks it wouldn't take filament and wouldn't print...seemed clogged. Not wanting to void the warranty on our shiney new toy, we played nice and sent the old one in and they sent us a new one. Here we are a few weeks later and it was clogged again.