Making Awesome - New Space!!!!!

I'm happy to report that Making Awesome has secured new space and will be reopening soon. The new space is at 1009 Commercial Street in the Railroad Square. It's a bit smaller than our old space (3100 square feet) but laid out better, and in a much better location. It will be a few months before the space is ready for public events. In the meantime, we'll be asking for help getting the space ready. Stay tuned; more awesomeness is on-the-way. Thanks Richard Menasco of Stereo Sales, our new landlord and a member of Making Awesome.

Making Awesome at TCC Closing its Doors

Dear Members and Supporters of Making Awesome –

Sadly, this message does not convey good news. Over the last several months, Making Awesome, Inc. (“MAI”) has not been able to pay the full rent required by the terms of our lease with Tallahassee Community College for the space at 119 Century Park Drive. Our membership revenue simply has not grown at a pace sufficient to keep up with the rent escalation TCC required when the lease was originally written. We’ve been trying for several months to renegotiate the lease so we would have more time to increase membership. Unfortunately, TCC gave us final notice last week that they will not give any further consideration and that we must fully vacate the space by October 15, 2014.

As a consequence, members and others who have personal property at the space should remove it promptly, and no later than October 1st. After that date, we will consider any remaining material in the space as property that is donated to MAI. (If you cannot remove your property by October 1st, place conspicuous markings on it and contact a board member to discuss how and when you can get it out.)

We have identified some suitable storage space for our tools, benches, and other materials, but we are looking for more. If you have, or know of, suitable space to store MAI property for the next several months (or more) please contact one of the board members as soon as possible. We will also need volunteers to help with packing and moving our property into storage, so please let us know if you can help.

The space will close for business on September 30th. If you have paid for membership past that date, please contact us to arrange for a refund of the balance of your advance payment.

We will continue with a virtual presence and work to keep the Maker community together while we search for a new home. If your happen to know of available facilities that might be suitable for a new Maker Space, please let us know.


the directors of Making Awesome, Inc.
David Brightbill
Brad Harris
Brett Law
Richard Benham
Alan Hanstein
Windham Graves